Spooky Men's Chorale
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The Spooky Men’s Chorale

Herne Bay FestivalAs thunderous as a herd of wildebeest, as sly as a wagonload of Spike Milligans and as sonorous as a cloister of monks, the Spooky Men’s Chorale are the gift that keeps on giving. They emerged blithering and blinking-eyed in 2001, and armed with just their voices, a nice line in deadpan and an ill-matched set of hats, have been gleefully disturbing audiences everywhere since.
Renowned for a combination of Visigothic bravado, absurdist humour and eye-moistening tenderness, the Spookies, now 21 years young, are more masters of their territory than ever before.

You must see them, really you must.

“Highly theatrical, they veer from weird to touching and back again. Grown up entertainment in the best, most infantile way. Don’t miss an opportunity to see them”
– Daily Telegraph

Tickets: £23 + booking fee


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